Property theft is one of the biggest security challenges in Ireland today. Every year within every community in Ireland households and small businesses experience the trauma of being a victim of theft or burglaries.  In addition, every year hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stolen property is recovered from the hands of criminals, but all too often there is no way of identifying its rightful owners.

Property Marking Ireland has a solution! This involves a community led crime prevention program run in partnership with the county-based Joint Policing Committees, Local Authorities and community organisations, particularly Community Alert and Neighbourhood Watch groups. This approach has already been tested in a number of counties in Ireland and in the UK and has been found to be very successful. It has been found that the higher the percentage of households and businesses in the community that participate, the more effective the programme is.

The program involves marking property with the owner’s Eircode number, which is a unique identifier. and displaying a sticker on the premises to show that household’s or businesses participation in the program. The mark that is made on the property is a physical mark which is etched into the property. It is very difficult to remove and can be repeated a number of times on the one item. The mark is made by a specially-designed machine which embosses the property item with small dots in the pattern of your Eircode.

Please note that Property Marking Ireland is the sole supplier of the property marking machine in Ireland

Great to see so much property marking being done in Tipperary in the last few weeks. ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴 Property Marking Event in Newcastle. Friday 17th May, 10am to 3pm.Don't forget to bring your EirCode along as that is what's used as the permanent mark on your property. Property Marking Ireland ... See MoreSee Less
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🔴 Property Marking Event in Newcastle. Friday 17th May, 10am to 3pm.Don't forget to bring your EirCode along as that is what's used as the permanent mark on your property.Property Marking Ireland ... See MoreSee Less
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Bicycles are one of the most common personal items to be stolen, especially in urban areas. Protect them from thieves by getting them marked with your Eircode!www.propertymarking.ie #propertymarkingireland #crimeprevention #CrimePreventionTips #bicycletheft ... See MoreSee Less
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To find out more about how Property Marking can protect your home/business, contact us today ~ 052 6179 801 www.propertymarking.ie#propertymarkingireland #crimeprevention #antitheft ... See MoreSee Less
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About Property Marking Ireland

Property Marking Ireland is a newly-established company which has been set up to roll out a property marking crime prevention program throughout Ireland in collaboration with the communities North and South. Property Marking Ireland is a not-for-profit social enterprise with no shareholders. All funds raised will be used for the provision of the service and any profit made will be used to improve or expand this service.

Over the past 2 years we have completed three pilot property marking crime prevention programs and the findings in all three are clear. “Households and businesses are less likely to be victims of crime when they have their valuables security marked”. In addition, this crime prevention program will allow the detection, identification, and return of stolen or lost property to its rightful owner since the program involves marking property items with the Eircode number of the owner – a unique identifier

Mark everything from steel to plastic items

Being able to trace the ownership of the property not only helps people get the property back, but it can also provide evidence that is vital in securing convictions.

More About The Machine

The machines which are used by Property Marking Ireland are called dot peen marking machines and are manufactured and distributed by the UK-based Telesis Company. Property Marking Ireland are their sole supplier in Ireland and are the providers of the training that is mandatory for the use of the machines.

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