The mark that is made on the your piece of property is a physical mark which is etched into the item. It is very difficult to remove and can be repeated a number of times on the one item. The mark is made by a specially-designed machine which embosses the property item with small dots in the pattern of your Eircode.

The machines will be provided to communities free of charge. Registers and signs must be purchased from the designated supplier. (Click here to download the order form)

The machines and the marking will be provided free of charge for up to six markings. Additional markings will be provided at the rate of €4 plus VAT per marking. A voucher system is available here on the Property Marking Ireland website through which extra markings can be purchased. Purchase a Voucher

A charge may also be made by the community groups towards the costs of registers, stickers and signs but any such charge will be small and will be a matter for the community group.

Small businesses which are at the same scale as households will be treated as if they were households.

Large businesses include farms, firms in the construction sector and equine businesses. Designation as a large business relates to the number of markings which the business requires rather than turnover or number of employees.

A charge of €4 plus VAT per marking will be made for large businesses. Purchase a Voucher

Owners may decide to have more than one marking, particularly on larger items. Stickers, registers and signs will also have to be purchased. Click here to download the order form



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