Large Businesses and Organisations

  1. These are businesses which have a substantial number of items to be marked.
  2. Contact Property Marking Ireland. You will be visited on request by a Property Marking Ireland representative and the property marking will be carried out on site.
  3. Decide what items you wish to be marked remembering that it is not suitable for glass or other materials likely to shatter.
  4. Decide where and how often you would like your property items marked.
  5. Make sure that you know what your Eircode is and bring it with you. You can find your Eircode at
  6. Get each item of property with your Eircode number
  7. Take photographs of each item of property.
  8. Record the details of each marked item of property on the register which you will keep and which you must use as part of this programme.
  9. Display the Community Protect sticker on each item of property and on your premises ONLY AFTER steps 6 to 8 have been completed. Details of how to purchase these will be provided.