Local Communities

  1. You may initially be supported by your Local Authority or Joint Policing Committee
  2. If not already set up as a Neighourhood Watch or Community Alert area this should be done as a first step. Contact Property Marking Ireland to assist with this. Being a Neighbourhood Watch or Community Alert area will allow you to avail of Gárda support and obtain very cost-effective insurance.
  3. You will be visited on request by a Property Marking Ireland representative who will explain how the project should be implemented.
  4. It is extremely important that the project is promoted throughout the community and that at least one public meeting to launch the project is arranged. Property marking Ireland will advise on this.
  5. Identify those in your community who will carry out the property marking. They will have to be trained and only trained individuals will be authorised to use the machine. Property Marking Ireland will provide this training.
  6. Arrange property marking events
  7. Purchase household and small business registers and signs from the designated supplier. Property Marking Ireland will advise on this.
  8. Arrange with the Local Authority to erect signs indicating that your community is part of the property marking scheme.