Property Marking Ireland provides a number of services to public bodies, communities, businesses and other organisations large and small.

  1. PMI is the sole distributor in Ireland, North and South, of the Telesis marking machine which is the heart of the programme. You will order your machine from Telesis but it will be delivered to you through PMI.
  2. PMI is the training partner in Ireland for Telesis. The Telesis machine is a sophisticated piece of technology and is liable to be damaged if not used and cared for properly. Training in the use of the machine is mandatory and PMI is the provider of this training at cost.
  3. PMI is the vehicle through which a full understanding of the programme is transmitted. The programme involves more than the marking of property. It also involves –
    1. Ensuring as far as possible that a significant percentage of households and businesses in a community avail of property marking so that a ‘herd immunity’ situation is created
    2. Completion of a register of marked property which you will keep in a safe place
    3. Applying labels to state your property is marked
    4. Erecting signage to state your premises is protected
    5. Erecting signage to state your community is protected.

The fewer of these steps that are implemented, the less effective will the programme be. PMI will wish to be present on all major promotional occasions to make sure that these messages are transmitted and appropriate actions taken by individuals and communities.


  1. PMI operates an online voucher system which will enable you to purchase your business or additional household markings in an easy and efficient way.

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