Third Level Institutions

Higher Education Institutes are considered as larger businesses with respect to property owned by the Institute.

However, thefts from students are known to be a significant challenge and special arrangements will be made for such property.

  1. Contact Property Marking Ireland which will work with the Students Union to deliver a property marking programme for students
  2. The Students Union or the HEI should first be established as a Neighbourhood Watch area in order to avail of Gárda support and affordable insurance cover
  3. The Students Union will be visited by a Property Marking Ireland representative and training will be provided to Student Union members in the use of the property-marking machine
  4. The property marking will be carried out on site by the trained Student Union members using a machine provided by Property Marking Ireland. A two-week to one-month period is envisaged for this.
  5. Students will be asked to decide what items they wish to be marked remembering that it is not suitable for glass or other materials likely to shatter.
  6. Students will be asked to decide where and how often they would like their property items marked.
  7. Students will be asked to use their home Eircode number and to make sure that they know what it is and bring it with them. Eircode can be found at
  8. Students will be asked to visit the Property Marking Ireland website to purchase a voucher with the number of markings they require as well as to purchase their paper register. They will then bring their voucher to the marking site in the institute.
  9. Each item of property will be marked with the Eircode number
  10. Each item of property should be photographed.
  11. The details of each marked item of property should be entered on the register which will be kept by each student and which must be used as part of this programme
  12. Display the Community Protect sticker on each item of property and around the campus ONLY AFTER steps 9 to 11 have been completed